Total Number of Shareholders and Top10 Shareholdings
(As the end of Sep 30, 2017)
Unit: share

Total number of ordinary shareholders at the end of the Reporting Period 55,895 (including A and B shares)
Name of shareholder Nature of shareholder Shareholding percentage Number of shares held
China National Agrochemical Corporation (CNAC) State-owned legal person 75.30% 1,810,883,039
Jingzhou Sanonda Holding Co., Ltd. State-owned legal person 4.98% 119,687,202
ADAMA Celsius B.V. Foreign legal person 2.62% 62,950,659
Portfolio 118, National Social Security Fund Others 0.23% 5,599,856
Xie Qingjun Domestic natural person 0.19% 4,490,033
State-owned Assets Administration Bureau of Qichun County State 0.17% 4,169,266
GUOTAI JUNAN SECURITIES(HONGKONG) LIMITED Foreign legal person 0.16% 3,888,862
Shi Yun Domestic natural person 0.12% 2,830,000
Zhou Qiping Domestic natural person 0.09% 2,093,045
 Bank of China Limited--- Yinhua Quality Growth Hybrid Securities Investment Funds Others 0.08% 1,996,240
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