Cooperate governance

The Board of Directors

Yang Xingqiang - Chairman  

Mr Yang has been appointed chairman of the board of Adama as of October 2011. Mr. Yang also serves as President of China National Chemical Corporation since 2014. Prior to this role, he served as President of China National BlueStar (Group) Corporation and Chairman of Adisseo and BSI in France and Qenos in Australia, BlueStar’s overseas subsidiaries. As a senior engineer, Mr. Yang received his education in chemistry from Sichuan University.


Ren Jianxin  

Mr Ren serves as the Chairman of Directors for China National Chemical Corporation. Since September 2008 he also serves as the Chairman of Directors for China National Bluestar Co., Ltd. He has a Master of Economics and Management from Lanzhou University.


Chen Lichtenstein  

Mr Lichtensetin​ is the President and CEO of the Combined Company. He holds joint doctoral degrees from Stanford University's Graduate School of Business and School of Law, and B.Sc. (Physics) and LL.B. from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


An Liru  

Mr An is Senior Vice President, China Cluster, of the combined company. Prior to his current role, he served as the secretary of the CPC and chairman of CNAC (China National Agrochemical Corporation), and has led the HH and Anpon entities, which are part of the ChemChina group. . Mr An holds an MBA and a Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering, and a B.Sc. in Applied Chemistry, all from Nanjing University.


Qiuhong Ai-Independent Director  

Mr Ai has been acting as an Independent Director of the Company since February 2010. He has been a teacher at Xiangtan University since 2003. He received a doctor degree, majoring in chemical engineering in Jun 2008 from Xiangtan University.


Dejun Li-Independent Director 

Mr. Li has been acting as an Independent Director of the Company since July 2010. He successively acted as Chief Officer, Deputy Chief, Chief of CCNU and Research Institute of Wuhan Province Commission for Restructuring Economic System and Editor in Chief of Overview of Private Economy, Secretary General of Hubei Province Culture and Economy Research Society and Director of Hubei Regional Economic Development Research Center.


Huide Zhang-Independent Director  

Ms. Zhang has been acting as an Independent Director of the Company since July 2010. She is an associate professor of Economics and Law at Zhongnan University, supervisor of postgraduates, a CPA, member of Accounting Society of China, committee of Accounting Computerization Commission of Department of Finance of Hubei Province, training teacher for primary and intermediate accounting computerization.

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