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Anpon Jiangsu Marketing Meeting
Source: 农化总公司 Date: 2016-04-06

A glamorous decade in the past will brew new dreams in the future!

On March 31, 2016, over 50 guests attended the Anpon Marketing Meeting held in New Century Grand Hotel. This has unveiled a series of publicity events themed with relevant topics expressing gratitude for a decade of support of Feidian(pymetrozine).

Mr. Xia Wenbiao, the Deputy General Manager of Anpon present on site shared views of the prospects and missions for Anpon backed by support of China National Agrochemical Corporation (CNAC).

Shi Baoguo, the Director of Huai’an Plant Protection Unit was invited and gave a review of how Anpon buprofezin and Feidian developed in China. He also talked about the applications of Feidian in crop protection and gave a summary of current trends of CP industry.

Ten years will make one fully prepared!

In the past two decades, Anpon has solidified its market position in delphacidae control by introducing revolutionary products like buprofezin and Feidian. Feidian, in particular has become synonym of Anpon today. Back in 1997, Anpon started the whole process of pymetrozine AI R&D, facility installation, and toxicity residue test. In 2002, an interim registration was obtained which was followed by lots of field trials and tests. Due to the constant efforts, the Jiangsu company started the promotion of its application among farmlands and fields. After 2004, delphacidae has become more resistant of major insecticides at that time which gave a good opportunity for the rise of pymetrozine. Soon, the high-efficiency and low-toxicity insecticide has become very popular in the market. In 2008, a formal registration was issued to Feidian and with the help of National Agro-tech Extension & Service Center (NATESC), we have accomplished, with years of efforts, the application demo and replacement of high-toxicity insecticides in various geographic regions. Feidian Brand has also been promoted through diverse media channels. Anpon Feidian has been selected as the recommended delphacidae control brand for many years. And incidentally, it has been the recommended solution in Hunan, Zhejiang, Hubei, Anhui, Jiang Xi, Shanghai, and Jiangsu. Since then, Feidian has become the leading brand in this area.

New Dreams New Chapter!

Thanks to the help of relevant CP authorities and distributors, our company has experienced growth in the past few years. On the occasion of Feidian 10-year anniversary, Jiangsu Anpon will make the following commitment: maintain leading position in delphacidae control, SOE quality standard, flexible marketing approach, and win-win for distributiors and farmers.

Mr. Lu Haoran, Sales Director of Anpon shared the 10 year growth path of the company and the future position while introducing to the present distributors three new products: “Baishi”, “Gengfu” and “Nong Fuan”.

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